BFD Apparatus

Engine 1

Engine 1 is a 2005 E-One Cyclone II. This vehicle is equipped with a 1750 IGPM Hale pump. This apparatus is provided with a foampro 2002 class A foam system and an 800 imperial gallon booster tank. Powered by a 400 HP Cummings Diesel engine with a 5 speed Allison automatic transmission. Engine 1 has an enclosed firefighter crew compartment for 4 Firefighter’s plus operator and officer and top enclosed pump panel. Engine 1 performs classic Engine company operations such as fire suppression, containment and Search & Rescue. Engine 1 is equipped with 1300′ of 1 3/4″ , 800′ of 2 1/2″ hose and 600′ of 5″ hose. It has a 10 000 watt hydraulic generator and has a number of tools such as thermal imaging camera, gas detectors, positive pressure fan and portable lighting.

Ladder 2

Ladder 2 is a 2007 Pierce 100′ Aerial Water Tower. Built on a Dash tandem axle chassis, this vehicle is equipped with a 1750 IGPM Hale pump. This apparatus is provided with a Foampro foam 2002 Class A foam system and a 420 imperial gallon booster tank. Powered by a 525 HP Caterpillar Diesel engine with a 5 speed Allison automatic transmission. Ladder 2 has a 6 firefighter enclosed crew compartment plus operator and officer and a side mount pump panel. Five quick mount breathing apparatus seats are located in the crew compartment. Ladder 2 performs typical ladder company operations such as rescue, ventilation, and exposure protection. The apparatus is equipped to do high angle rescue as well as it contains a full compliment of rope rescue gear. The aluminum aerial ladder contains a 3″ piped waterway which is capable of flowing 1750 IGPM through the nozzle at the tip. It has a 10 000 watt hydraulic generator, a remote control tower nozzle, and a full compliment of ground ladders. Ladder 2 also has a thermal imaging camera, gas detectors, battery and electrically powered ventilation fans and portable lighting.

Engine 3

Engine 3 is a 2018 Rosenbauer triple combination pumper. This apparatus was the culmination of many years of research which we believe is the best option for ergonomics as well as protection of our residents. The vehicle is equipped with 600 imperial gallons of water and a 1750 IGPM midship mounted pump. The enclosed cab holds 4 seated firefighters, an officer and an operator, 5 SCBA in total. The enclosed pump panel was designed to provide protection to the pump operator while giving a full view of the fire scene. The vehicle is equipped with Bridgewater’s first Federal Q siren in about 50 years, this makes a huge difference in letting people know we are coming to their aid. The vehicle is equipped with a very low rear hose bed allowing us easier access to the hose while providing a safer workplace. The apparatus holds 1000′ of 5″ of 1 3/4″ attack hose, 550′ of 2 1/2″ attack hose. A few distinguishing features of this truck is a remote control deck gun behind the pump panel controlled by the pump operator. This was designed to be used by the pump operator at large fires deploying water from a safe distance with little help. The apparatus carries the usual assortment of ladders, entry and demolition tools as well as portable lighting, ventilation fans, gas detectors and thermal imaging cameras. Since this is our first out apparatus it receives a lot of attention, so if you can hear us coming or can see us, slow down, pull over and wait for us to go by.

Engine 4

Engine 4 is a 1996 Metalfab triple combination pumper which was built on a Volvo chassis. It is powered by a 260 HP turbo-charged Volvo diesel engine with an Allison 5 speed automatic transmission. The pump is a 1250 IGPM Hale and the truck has a 1000 Imperial gallon poly tank. Engine 4 is equipped with both Class “A” and “B” foam systems. This apparatus was designed with our first totally enclosed crew compartment which also contains an enclosed transverse pump panel. Two breathing Apparatus seats are located in the crew compartment. Engine 4 operates mainly as a reserve pumper. Being equipped with 800′ of 1 3/4″ hose, 800′ of 2 1/2″ hose and 1000′ of 5″ hose, it is generally responsible to lay a supply line to either or both the first in Engine or Ladder truck if the distance from water sources dictates. Engine 4 will feed either of these two vehicles when necessary. Engine 4 responds when a pumper is required in conjunction with Ladder 2 to provide water supply.

Rescue 5

Rescue 5 is a 2012 Pierce Velocity Heavy Rescue, powered by a 400 HP Cummings Diesel engine with a 6 speed Allison automatic transmission. Rescue 5 has an 18.5′ walk around body, roof hatch compartments with a roof access staircase, seats 6 firefighters, 4 in quick mount breathing apparatus seats in the enclosed crew cab. Some of the features of this vehicle include: 25,000 Watt ONAN PTO generator with 13,500 watts of lighting including a 6,000 watt Will-Burt night scan light tower, 4-6000 psi cascade air bottle refilling station, spare BA cylinders, complete set of Hurst heavy hydraulic rescue gear preconnected to an electric Trimo hydraulic power supply and 3 hose reels, complete set of Rescue 42 vehicle stabilization system and various other miscellaneous equipment. Rescue 5 performs most of the tasks of a heavy rescue such as search and rescue, motor vehicle extrication, as well as other forms of rescue. Rescue 5 also has a thermal imaging camera, multiple gas detectors and medical first responder gear. This unit also functions as a fire support vehicle by being responsible for rehab at fire scenes. This apparatus will also provide support for ice and water rescue calls.

Unit 6

Utility 6 is a 2005 Ford Four wheel drive Expedition, ex police vehicle. Tasked with personnel transport and traffic control. This vehicle can be tasked as a command post during our larger incidents.

Unit 7

Unit 7 is a 2014 Ford F-250 extended cab utility vehicle which carries 5 firefighters safely to an emergency scene. It can be seen at motor vehicle collisions blocking traffic, carrying personnel back and forth to incidents, responding to medical assist calls with EHS and being utilized to tow our rescue boat. The rear of the truck is a fibreglass cap that holds communications equipment, medical first response equipment and traffic management equipment. The vehicle also has a fully extendable pull out bed extension that we use to help load and unload equipment from the back of the apparatus.

Rescue 8

Rescue 8 is a 2019 6.5m (21.3″) Gala Galaxy water rescue boat. This aluminum V-hulled centre console vessel is powered with a 140 HP Suzuki outboard engine. This boat is equipped with a multi hull inflatable upper ring for stabilization and flotation in bad weather. Outfitted with a stern mounted roll cage and T-top for sun and weather protection. The vessel is orange in color for greater visibility during bad weather. The vessel is equipped with a MARSAR hulled mounted patient recovery net and an assortment of life preservers, life jackets, search lights, dry suits, rope and other water rescue equipment. The boat is also equipped with a TMR2 radio and a VHF marine radio which is connected to our Garmin chart plotter and stern mounted scanner which provides us with a clear picture of what is on the bottom of the water we are searching. Rescue 8 is available to respond within our town on the Lahave River or to assist our neighbors through our Mutual aid agreements. Since the boat is a town owned vehicle, you may just see the Bridgewater Police Services patrolling our water ways at heavy traffic times to help keep us safer. This vehicle was funded by the Town, Fire Department and Bridgewater Police Services and some of the communication and tracking equipment was provided through a grant of the Emergency Services Providers Fund from the Province.