BFD Volunteer

We are always looking for new members to volunteer and join our Team. 

The Bridgewater Fire Department was formed in 1876 by a small group of Town citizens. They formed a “Bucket Brigade” to protect their homes and businesses from the ravages of fire.

Now, 144 years after the formation of the Bucket Brigade, a lot of changes have taken place. The biggest of these changes is our fleet of Fire Fighting Vehicles, which now numbers eight.

Becoming a Volunteer member of the Bridgewater Fire Department is one of the most rewarding things that you will ever do for yourself and your community. However, being a firefighter is not necessarily the easiest thing to do. Firefighting is one of the most demanding jobs that you can perform, both physically and mentally. Being a volunteer Firefighter means that you will be doing things and going places that most people could not even imagine.

We are always ready for anything, any time of the day or night. EVER READY.

The Bridgewater Fire Department is a volunteer department that responds to over 200 emergency and training calls per year. “Volunteer” does not mean that the Department and it’s members are not professional. Many of our members are trained Firefighter Level 1 with some members with Firefighter Level 2. The Department boasts members who have attained a high degree of skills through various courses and training. Our members offer the Town of Bridgewater protection in virtually all emergencies, with continuing training and specialization ongoing.

The duties of a Firefighter are varied and include (but not limited to):

  • Working in the extremes of temperature and all weather conditions.
  • Driving and operating highly-specialized equipment under emergency conditions.
  • Having the physical ability to perform manual labour and physically difficult tasks in diverse conditions.
  • Climbing ladders (ground to aerial) and being able to perform the tasks required of them.
  • Maintaining self-discipline and a high level of professionalism while on duty and in the public’s eye.
  • Extinguishing fires and identifying hazardous conditions.
  • Interacting with the public, both at emergency scenes and at public events.

Being willing to take part in ongoing training, with an emphasis on tailored learning to better protect yourself, your fellow firefighters, and the public.
The benefits of being a member of the Bridgewater Fire Department are many!

Although not monetary, they are the type of benefits that will make you, your family and your neighbors sleep better at night, just knowing that you and the rest of the Department are there whenever needed!

One of the best benefits of being a member is the social aspect of the Department. It’s like gaining 50 new relatives at once. Your new “family” will be there for you no matter what circumstances because the bond that is made between firefighters is made for life.

If you think you have got the “right stuff” to serve your community as a volunteer firefighter, then why not join our team!